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Kitchen Cabinet Planning

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Sunset Custom Cabinetry and Woodwork - Kitchen Cabinet Planning - Fort Myers Florida - 400 x 300Kitchen Cabinet Planning

Kitchen Cabinet Planning is essential for a successful outcome. The Kitchen is the busiest room in the home. Proper layout and organization are essential to be both functional and beautiful.

The Kitchen Triangle

The Kitchen Triangle is made up of three appliances; The sink, stove, and the refrigerator. To avoid obstructions, careful planning is important. This kitchen triangle should be between 10 to 25 feet in area. Too small and the kitchen design will feel cramped and crowded. Too large, the task of preparing food becomes needlessly tiring.

Storage Space

Not including enough storage space is a huge kitchen design mistake. Small kitchen appliances all need a place to be stored, but remain easily accessible. Wasted space can be kept to a minimum with careful planning.

Counter Space

Lack of counter space is the most common reason given for wanting a kitchen remodel. One of our top kitchen design goals is to provide the most counter-top area possible.

Kitchen Lighting

Adequate lighting is a critical element in kitchen design. Lighting helps create the perfect atmosphere for your new kitchen. Additionally, proper lighting helps provide a safe working environment.

The Backsplash

The backsplash is not simply a design element in your dream kitchen. Your kitchen’s backsplash performs an important function. Grease, steam, and water management is a daily challenge in a kitchen. Therefore, adding a backsplash to the design makes cleaning up spills, and splatters a breeze.

Kitchen Ventilation

Without suitable ventilation, the ghost of last night’s fish dinner may still be lingering in your sofa cushions. A quality hood vent placed above the stove will solve this problem completely.
Some kitchen designs not only show off the hood vent, but additionally, make it the focal point of their kitchen design. However, this does not have to be the case. A faux kitchen cabinet can be used to hide the exhaust hood and stack, giving a more traditional look.

Sunset Custom Cabinetry and Woodworking - Logo - 110 x 52Using Professionals

DIY kitchen design is a common mistake. We are professional kitchen designers using the latest information and design ideas. Putting are experience to work for you saves time and money by avoiding costly mistakes.

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