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Sunset Custom Cabinetry and Woodwork

Your Cabinet Pros – Fort Myers

Your Cabinet Pros – Fort Myers. Sunset Custom Cabinetry and Woodwork is a home improvement business in Fort Myers Florida. Creating stylish furniture, and custom storage solutions for your home or business.

2nd Anniversary Logo - Sunset Custom Cabinetry and Woodwork - Fort Myers, FL- 239-771-8652 - Custom Kitchen Cabinets - 300 x 235

Celebrating 2 years of making our customer’s home improvement dreams come true!

Crafting customer ideas out of raw wood stock, and making their dreams come to life.  Custom cabinets and furniture are always a perfect fit, and also, match the style and decor of your space.

Making these dreams come true, everyday, in a full service woodworking shop. State of the art equipment, in addition to, time honored woodworking traditions for breathtaking results.

Some Of The Products We Create

 Custom Projects For Home Or Business

A typical project starts with a visit to your home or business. Listening to your needs and ideas while carefully taking notes. Dimensions of the area are taken with great care to insure a perfect fit.

First of all, the design team uses Computer Aided Design (CAD) software too create a 3D model of the desired product. With this software, changes can easily be made and submitted for approval.

In the next step, expert craftsmen create the products in a state of the art woodworking facility. First, hand picked wood stock of the finest quality are chosen for each project. Each piece crafted to exact customer specification. Additionally, these custom products are exactly that, custom. No assembly lines here. Each craftsman remains with your unique project from start to finish.

Finally, the finished product is delivered with care by the craftsman who made it. Once unpacked, the craftsman will install the custom piece to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

In summery, customer experience and quality workmanship are of most importance. If you have a question on a project, or have ideas you would like to talk about, please feel free to write, or call me directly.